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“I  believe that excellent design has the ability to profoundly enhance our lives.”

“When the elements of form, feeling and function are perfectly balanced, something magical happens. The whole becomes far greater than the sum of it’s parts. Raw elements of Wood and Stone, Metal and Glass are transformed into a refined space that speaks to people. Living in such an environment makes us feel good. We are drawn to that space. We may not even know why, we just know that it’s right.”

-Bart Lidsky, Principal, The Hammer & Nail, Inc.

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Top Kitchen Design Firm in Northern New Jersey

Top Kitchen Design Firm in Northern New Jersey

January 7th, 2015

The Hammer & Nail has a history that proves that the love for kitchen design and the allegiance to excellence that current owner Bart Lidsky possesses is unsurpassed. Three generations of master craftsmen have poured their lifelong passion for carpentry and design into what is today believed to be the top kitchen design house in Northern New Jersey. The reputation of being the top design firm in northern New Jersey is not one that Bart takes lightly. The Hammer & Nail is proud to be the only 3 time recipients of the James H. Foster Memorial Grand Prize Award in the history of the NaRead More